Tips on Staying Fit & Fab while Pregnant

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Are you happy with your pregnancy, yet worried that you might gain a lot of weight and would never be able to bounce back faster after giving birth? Wouldn’t you want to be Fit & Fab while pregnant? For most pregnant women, they often get worried that exercising might harm them and their baby during pregnancy. But with a proper clearance from your OB, right food intake and exercise, it would definitely do you no harm. 

Here are some tips I have compiled that would help you stay Fit & Fab while pregnant:

  1. Consult with your OB

fit & fab while pregnant check up

Despite all the good benefits that exercising can give even if you are pregnant, you should still check with your OB and get a clearance. This will help you be more confident that you are not putting yourself and your baby at risks. You should always consider your medical history before starting any physical activity.

2. Do light cardio exercises

fit & fab while pregnant yoga

The safest physical activity that any pregnant women can do are swimming, walking and some low impact aerobics. You may do this everyday provided that you will not overdo it. You can give yourself 20 to 30 minutes a day to do some of these activities.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

fit & fab while pregnant water

Make sure that you drink lots of water whenever exercising to avoid dehydration. Dehydration during this period may lead to some serious complication. We don’t want that to happen. Check the color of your urine, a pale yellow or nearly clear is a sign that you are well hydrated.

4. Monitor your food intake

fit & fab while pregnant food

Since you are responsible not only for your health but for your baby’s health as well, be sure to eat nutritious food such as fruit and veggies which are highly recommended. You might be needing an increase on your calorie intake if you are exercising. This is to sustain your body’s strength throughout your physical activities.

5. Stay motivated

fit & fab while pregnant family

Families and friends are everyone’s best motivation. Keep them close to you, that way you will not just be inspire but you will also have someone to guide and monitor your workouts.

Here is a video of some Filipina Celebrities who managed to stay Fit & Fab while Pregnant, please watch.



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