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Social Media Do’s & Don’ts by Claire Bear

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One of the most powerful communication tools nowadays is the social media. Facebook and Instagram are being used in a regular basis even on remote areas. We don’t just interact with our friends and families, we also use it for expressing our ideas, emotions, etc. Unfortunately, there are those who exploit it and use social media to steal and ruin the lives of other people. So how do we keep ourselves safe in social media? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts we must take into consideration:

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  • Don’t post all your personal information 
    • Cliche as it may sound but most people tend to get confused as to what “private information” actually means and how do we keep it safe. No matter how we inform others to keep their personal information private, we can still hear some news that there were hacked accounts or there were phishing victims etc. Oversharing can lead to stolen identity or to becoming a target of online predators. Posting a photo of your passport, newly acquired driver’s license, plane tickets or other personal documents because we feel confident that only our friends can see them is wrong. We understand the excitement that you feel in sharing those moments but it is always best to just keep it to yourselves and be cautious rather than be a phishing target.
  • Don’t post anything that would ruin your reputation or other’s reputation
    • Aside from posting personal information, one of the things that we should also avoid posting are photos that would make us allow other people to ruin our reputation. Nude photos and the likes are a big No No, unless you are brave enough to accept all its implication. If we want to be respected, let us first respect ourselves. We are all beautiful or handsome no matter what other people may say just like what Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful” is trying to say. We don’t need to emphasize them by posting sexy or seductive photos.
    • Respecting ourselves means respecting other people as well. It has always been a golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. We are all guilty of expressing what we feel through social media. It has become an outlet of what we feel everyday and what we feel towards others. Unfortunately, some people also use it to bully other people. We may sometimes feel like it’s just for fun or we are just trying to crack some jokes, but no, it would sometimes implicate negative psychological effect to others that may lead to suicide. So let’s be careful.
  • Don’t mingle with strangers online
    • Like what we’ve been told when we were just kids “Don’t talk to strangers”. As much as possible, let us avoid or let’s be very cautious in dealing with strangers online. As much as we want to think good about other people, it is still a fact that there are exploiters, thief, bad people or online predators everywhere.
  • Use social media to connect with your families and friends
    • Social media’s main purpose is to connect with our families and friends, let’s make the most of our time reaching out to them and communicating with them instead of wasting our time posting unnecessary things. It is no longer hard to work abroad and be miles away from our families because of social media. We can always talk to our friends and families whenever we feel alone.
  • Use social media to inspire and to inform
    • Instead of sharing negativity, why not inspire others by sharing positive thoughts. Use the power of social media in reaching out to other people by giving them sensible information or inspiration. Due to our stressful environment we tend to take a break and visit our social media accounts to get connected or to escape from stressful things, so as much as possible we don’t want to see some people posting negativity.
  • Think before you click
    • In a digital world that we are living right now, where information are readily available right at our fingertips, we tend to get carefree. We are sometimes too excited to share everything about our lives on social media. Before we become target of some online predators or victim or phishing, we should always think before we click.

I hope we were able to remind everyone again to be very careful and use our social media accounts properly. Please watch the video of my daughter which inspired me to write this article.

You might want to also watch the vlog of my son which I included on my previous article

Have a nice day everyone!


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