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When Our Prayers Are Not Answered

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Have you experienced praying hard for something but didn’t get any answer? Or our prayers were not answered the way we wanted them to be?

Today, we just started our daily devotion. I bought a one year daily devotion for kids because I wanted them to have a strong foundation.

The topic for today was about not worrying on anything, instead, we should pray to God for what we need. The story was about a young girl who lost her kittens and she got worried. But instead of worrying it teaches us to ask for help from God.

When my kids heard it, they felt happy about it. Matt was even joking about his problem on getting his own phone so he will just pray for it.

Apparently, just about an hour ago, I asked Matt to buy me a load worth 50 pesos. I gave him 3 pcs. of 20 pesos. When he came back he  then told me that he lost the 20 pesos. I got mad because I even reminded him to hold the money properly. I said so many things (well like what an angry mom usually does) that made him cry. I gave another 20 to him. As soon as he got back from the store. I got guilty and asked him to hug me.

He suddenly bursted into tears. I asked him why, then he told me, “Mommy akala ko ba pag may problema mag pray lang kay God? Bakit ganun hinanap ko po yung pera nag pray ako kay God hindi ko pa rin nakita” (I thought that if there’s a problem I just need to pray to God? Then why didn’t I find the money I lost when I prayed to him?) I was speechless for a moment, thinking, Lord how will I defend the teachings you just gave us this morning. I took a deep breathe, then told him to stop crying first. This made me allow to think for the right answer.

I just told him that sometimes God does not  answer our prayers the way we wanted them to be because he wants us to learn something. In your case, he wanted you to learn how to give importance on the things or tasks given to you. You did not listen to me when I told you to hold the money tightly. If God did allow you to find the money you will not be able to learn how to value something.

Thankfully, he understood my explanation and pacified him.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom and the intervention. Today’s incident made me realize also that I should not question your ways of answering our prayers.



Allan B. Abaño
January 12, 2018 at 11:55 PM

Very touching story and Have Moral Values

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