Buy Unique Christmas Gifts Online

Christmas is just right around the corner and we’ve only got a month to go shopping. With a lot of shopping malls or even online shopping stores, finding the best Christmas gift for our loved ones can be so tricky. So I’ve decided to come up with another list of online shopping stores that sell Read More

Tips on Staying Fit & Fab while Pregnant

Are you happy with your pregnancy, yet worried that you might gain a lot of weight and would never be able to bounce back faster after giving birth? Wouldn’t you want to be Fit & Fab while pregnant? For most pregnant women, they often get worried that exercising might harm them and their baby during pregnancy. Read More

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts by Claire Bear

One of the most powerful communication tools nowadays is the social media. Facebook and Instagram are being used in a regular basis even on remote areas. We don’t just interact with our friends and families, we also use it for expressing our ideas, emotions, etc. Unfortunately, there are those who exploit it and use social Read More

Happy New Year | God Bless 2018 and Thank You 2017

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone welcomed 2018 with full of love and happiness. We’re maybe quite stressed the past two days in preparing for New Year’s Eve. We were in a rush going to supermarkets to buy stuff. Everyone was so busy, heavy traffics were everywhere, malls were crowded, long lines at the Read More