Divisoria Christmas Shopping Tips for Ninongs & Ninangs

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Christmas time is near and kids are very much excited. We are all looking forward to celebrating it; family gathering, vacation, Simbang Gabi, Christmas carols Christmas bonuses and Christmas gifts. I have listed down some Divisoria Christmas Shopping tips that would help our Ninongs & Ninangs.

As early as September, we Filipinos are already preparing for Christmas. There are those who do their early Christmas shopping to save time and money since rushing around for a last-minute shopping will make them spend a lot. Though we only have few more days left before Christmas, it is not yet too late for us to save money and buy quality gifts for our loved ones and inaanak. If we really want to be able to give everyone a gift on a tight budget, Divisoria would be the best place to go shopping. It is a place where you could find almost everything in a very affordable price.

168 shopping mall

But before you go, you might want to consider some tips for safety and fun shopping in Divisoria:

Plan your shopping

You have to manage your time and money before shopping particularly when going to Divisoria. It can be overwhelming to see a lot of affordable items around you. If it is  your first time in Divisoria, you might want to google the place first or look for someone to accompany you. Prepare a list of people whom you want to give your gifts and your corresponding budget for each gift.

How to go there

That would depend on where you are coming from, if you are commuting or if you will bring your own car. When I tried commuting from Dasmarinas Cavite, I tried taking a bus going to Coastal Mall, then from there, I took a van going to Lucky Chinatown Mall. I also tried the bus going to Lawton then Jeep going to Juan Luna Street in Divisoria. If you are planning to bring your car, it is better to be there as early as 7am, parking areas are easily occupied. You can park inside Bodega Sales Center, 60 pesos for first 2 hrs and 30 pesos for the succeeding hours. That is the cheapest and safe parking that I know. You may also try parking on side streets. There are attendants who charge 100 for half day parking and 200 for a whole day parking. At the Lucky Chinatown Mall, they have 100 for the first 3 hours before mall operation and 50 for the first 3 hours during mall operation.


Since it is already December, Divisoria is always crowded even on weekdays. Wear something comfortable like t-shirt and shorts or pants, rubber shoes or doll shoes. It is better to use body bag or to secure your belongings. Skilled pickpockets are just around the area looking for their possible victims. Consider not wearing jewelries as well. Be as simple as possible.

Things to bring

Bring ecobags or shopping bags, although there are vendors roaming around to sell shopping bags, if you have your own, just bring it to save up extra money. Only bring small wallet or purse for your cash instead of big wallet to avoid any hassle and save some space in your bag. Do not forget the list that you have prepared and bring a pen to check what you have purchased. You also have to secure a bottled water and bisquits with you, because shopping in Divisoria can really be tiring.

Where to buy certain item

*168 Mall, 999 Mall, Divisoria Mall & Tutuban Center

affordable bags   affordable shawl  affordable kiddie bags

These malls offer a wide variety of items, from clothing, foot wear, bags, home, school or office supplies, beauty products etc.

*Bodega Sales Center, 698 Mall & Divisoria Mall Basement

lego toys    divisoria mall basement toy stalls    toys toys

I would say that these places are actually the Toy Kingdom of Divisoria. You will find quality toys kids would really love and yet in a very affordable price. Compare to  other malls, the price ranges from 30 to 300.

No matter where you plan to do your Christmas shopping, I hope these tips would be very helpful to you. That’s it for now. I’m still going to update this article to feature certain stores and other areas in Divisoria for unique and affordable gifts.

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