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How to Protect our Animals | A Super MattKulet way

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From a school project to an inspiration. Kid’s own way of protecting animals.

The kids were asked by their teacher to do a video presentation of how to protect endangered animals. As a mom, who has a background in video editing and stuff, I got so excited and planned to create a Vlog for my son.

Matt was so excited that he started to come up with a list of how he can help in protecting animals. Of course, with my help I gave him some of my idea as well. It may sound simple but as we try to talk about those things, I realized, I have to make him understand that we are not just doing this just for the sake of submitting a school project, or getting high grades, but for us to also share our simple idea to everyone.

So here is the simple Super MattKulet ways on how to protect animals:

  1. Learn to show love and respect to animals : Love and respect are two basic things that we need to instill in ourselves for us to be able to protect the animals. We cannot do the rest of what I had written on this article if we cannot learn how to love and respect these creatures.  Just like human beings, animals need to be loved and respected. They too have a life and they are created by God no less than any other creation. Yes, most of us would think that humans are more dominant than animals and that we can do whatever we want to them. But we should always remember that we are created by God to be stewards of his creation.
  2. Learn to recycle: If we can just stop for a minute and look around, we would realize how our environment is being destroyed by our waste. We are so good in using non-biodegradable materials but we are not responsible enough to properly dispose them if no longer needed. Most animals suffers from illnesses or even die because of our harmful wastes. Learn to recycle and let us teach our young generation. Let us all be responsible, we may not be able to turn back time and correct our mistakes, but we still have time to change our ways for a better future.
  3. Plant trees: Trees are beautiful creations of God, they are not just important to human or to our environment but trees play a vital role to our animals too. Most animals secure shelter from trees, they are also good sources of food, and they are called as the lungs of the Earth because they help in improving the quality of air. If we want to protect our animals lets also protect our trees and maintain them. There are many tree planting programs where we can join.
  4.  Be aware: We should be proactive in understanding the needs of animals. We can expose ourselves to reading books about different kinds of animals, watch animal shows or we can also try visiting some zoos. Understanding the needs of animals is also a key to protecting them.
  5. Tell your friends: Even if we practice all of these things, if others do not care, it will only be useless. So let us spread awareness by informing our friends, classmates, families on how we can help protect our animals even in our own simple ways. 

My SuperMattKulet would be very delighted to know that through this, he made his own way to help build awareness to others. Let us all be good stewards of God’s creation!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi



Allan Abaño
October 13, 2017 at 11:07 PM

Excited nako sa 2nd Blog Video ni Super Matt Kulit…

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